How to Lower Your Homeowner's Insurance Bill

Homeowner's insurance is one of those products where the average person has no idea how to figure out the price. Your annual premium might seem like some random number, but it's actually based items on a checklist. Do well on the list, and your premium goes down. Try some of these for a lower price next quarter.

  • Put in an alarm. Alarm systems that connect with police and fire discounts often instantly trigger a cut in insurance premiums.
  • Update your sensors. Put in the newest carbon monoxide, smoke, and water sensors to prevent damage before it starts.
  • Ask for discounts. Often if people don't smoke, are retired, have good credit, or have just bought their home, they're eligible for a discount.
  • Weatherproof your home. Trim your trees and shrubs to remove branches that may be a danger in a windstorm or ice storm, and replace any damaged roofing materials.

Each insurance agency has its own set of criteria for assessing a home for insurance. For more tips and advice on saving money, contact agents at the Haylow Insurance Group in Cedar Hill, Texas.

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