Five Things You Should Know about Green Insurance

Are you going green this Earth Day, April 22nd. You can make sure your insurance keeps pace by reviewing your policy and looking for eco-friendly coverage. Here are five things to consider:

1. Taking public transportation or finding other ways to drive less frequently could help to lower your auto insurance premiums. Auto premiums factor in your daily work commute when figuring your risk and the cost of the policy.
2. If it is time for a new car, consider going hybrid. Some insurance companies will lower premium rates for hybrid makes and models.
3. If you choose not to own a car, but rent one when needed, you may find non-owners insurance of benefit. This type of coverage is tied to you as an individual, not your car. These policies generally cover personal liability for injury, uninsured motorist protection, and property damage to other vehicles. They may not cover damage to your rental car.
4. Some companies offer "green" homeowners insurance, which covers the extra cost of upgrading or rebuilding damaged property to meet green standards.
5. Considering solar panels or other alternative energy equipment? Make sure your homeowners insurance covers the equipment, or get a rider adding coverage.

Haylow Insurance, in Cedar Hill, Texas, can guide you through choosing green policies that match your lifestyle. To learn more, contact us.

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