Driving Distractions - Eliminate To Stay Safe

All too often, that rear end collision or sideswipe collision has been caused by one common factor: distracted driving. Today, there are so many things to pay attention to that it seems almost impossible to keep from being distracted while driving, but taking steps to reduce the number of things you can be distracted by means you'll be safer on the road.

A few of the top driving distractions are -

  • Your cell phone. While there are multiple campaigns to stop those to text and drive, merely taking your eyes off the road to find and answer your cell phone is a distraction as well. Also, when you're on your cell phone, you're focusing on the conversation as much as the road. Turn it off or get an app that auto-responds to texts and sends calls to voice mail.
  • Food and drink - Granted, we all know drinking and driving is dangerous but eating and even drinking water can cause those split second distractions that causes accidents.
  • Navigation controls - Even though some of the newest cars have voice controlled navigation systems, most don't. If you need to find directions on your nav system, pull over and do it.
  • Car passengers - Many times, drivers will be side-tracked by someone else in the car. This can provide one too many distractions and may cause a serious accident. Minimize passenger interaction so you can focus as much as possible on driving.

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