Dog Bite Liability - What Homeowners Need to Know

The majority of homes in the US have a pet, with dogs being one of the more popular pets, according to the American Pet Products Association. Homeowners are responsible for their dog's behavior and might face penalties if their dog bites someone, depending on the laws of their state.

Dog Bite Liability and Homeowners Insurance

Dog bite liability claims made up a considerable number of homeowners insurance policy claims in 2012, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The total cost of all dog bite claims in the country was $489 million. The average cost per claim was $29,752.

Dog Bite Statutes

The rules surrounding dog bites and homeowner liability vary from state to state. The law in some states makes a homeowner automatically liable for any injury caused by his or her dog, even if the homeowner didn't know that the dog would bite.

One Bite Rule

A few other states, such as Texas, have a one bite rule. Under a one bite rule, the homeowner becomes liable for any bites or injury caused by his or her dog only after the dog tries to bite or succeeds in biting one time. A victim of a dog bite in states with a one bite rule needs to prove that the homeowner knew the dog was dangerous.

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