Liability Insurance for Small Business in Texas

Business Insurance Cedar Hill, Texas

Business Liability Insurance can protect your small business from the risk of lawsuits resulting from personal injury or property damage of a third-party. Liability insurance should be considered by every business owner to protect their business assets, and ultimately their personal interests.

There are a few different types of Liability Insurance. For instance, there is General Liability Insurance, or Commercial General Liability, which covers bodily injury or property damage resulting from direct or indirect actions of parties or events related to your business.

And then there is ‘errors and omissions', or what is sometime called Professional Liability Insurance. This may be required by law depending on your profession, such as a doctor needing malpractice protection. A technology consultant may also need this insurance to protect against professional negligence or failure to perform duties.

Another type is Product Liability for those businesses that manufacture or supply goods. This protects the business from claims of harm as the result of the use of the product. Product Liability protection is often combined with other forms of Liability Insurance, such as General Liability.

If you run your own business, take the time to contact an Independent Agent to discuss the need and the level of coverage that makes sense to control your risk. Your liability exposure in your business can effect your personal life.
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