Warm Weather Toys: Time To Get Them Ready!

Now that winter is finally releasing it's grip, it's time to start getting all those spring and summer toys out to get them ready. Whether you have a 4 wheeler, motorcycle, Ski-doo or a boat, the spring season is a great time to enjoy them and now is the time to pull off the covers, clean them up and check them over before you take them out to play.

Here's a quick checklist:

  • Change the oil and grease everything that needs greasing. Old oil and grease can damage moving parts so cleaning up the inside of the engine, axles and other moving parts with fresh lubricants not only prepares them for the fun ahead but reduces possible damage from winter storage as well.
  • Change the gas. Even though using a product like Sta-bil to keep gas "fresh", there still could be water condensation in the tank. Draining the tank and refilling it with fresh gasoline ensures your engine will run strong.
  • Wipe it down and wash it up. Even though you covered your toys for winter, dust and dirt still creeps in. Washing and even waxing your toy(s) as soon as the covers come off not only gives you better paint job protection but allows you to check for damage as well.

Speaking of covers, when you get your toys out, check your insurance coverages as well. Make sure you have the appropriate watercraft insurance, boat insurance or motorcycle insurance you need to stay fiscally protected. In some states, laws have changed that may impact your insurance and for those in the Cedar Hill, Texas area Haylow Insurance knows what it takes to protect you and your toys. Do a complete spring maintenance for all your toys and you'll have fun instead of worrying!

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