Safety Tips for Night Time Driving

Driving at night provides us with challenges we don't have to deal with during the day. Not only are we more likely to be tired, but visual conditions are less than optimal as well. Here are some things you can do to be safer as you drive the roads at night.
  • Your eyes are your most important assets. Have them checked regularly by a vision specialist. Also, be aware that, at night, your eyes dilate which means your depth perception isn't as good. Slowing your speed and being vigilant for such things as movement and reflections (i.e. two bright points of light could be animal eyes) can make a real difference.
  • Keep it clean! Make sure your headlights, tail lights, reflectors and running lights are all functioning properly, clean and free of debris. This not only gives you the maximum light output possible from your vehicle so you can see but it also makes your vehicle more visible as well.
  • Watch where you look. Keep in mind that bright lights will affect your vision and can be distracting as well. Look away from the headlights of oncoming traffic and from bright lights on stores and other areas. Also, keep in mind if your dashboard lights are at their brightest settings, it can affect how well you can see as well.
  • Be alert. While distracted driving is dangerous enough during the day, it is even more dangerous at night. No cell phones, no texting and keep passenger conversations to a minimum.
Even using the best safe driving tips things can still happen. That's where having great auto insurance can make a real difference. If you're in the Cedar Hill, Texas area, working with a great insurance company like Haylow Insurance can give you the added assurance you need to feel comfortable driving at night. Give them a call today and check on your auto policy. They'll be more than happy to help!
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