Give Your Heart a Helping Hand

February is American Heart Month, which makes a great tie-in to Valentine's Day. It's also a great time to remember that healthy living habits can give your own heart a little TLC. Most people know that heart health builds on a well-balanced diet, fitness (especially aerobic exercise), and reducing risk factors for heart disease, like obesity or smoking. The challenge lies in putting those words into action. These tips can help you get started: Fit in fitness: Even on busy days, look for ways to give your heart a workout. Walking is great aerobic exercise if done at a reasonable pace. You can easily fit walks into your daily routine by parking a little farther from the door at work or the store, or taking the stairs instead of an elevator. Pick fresh foods: If you tend to eat a lot of packaged foods, odds are you're taking in a lot of sodium and fat. Try selecting fresh fruits and vegetables made into easy-to-prepare salads or crudities. Manage your risks: Take your doctor's instructions to heart if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or another chronic illness. That includes taking medicine regularly, changing your diet, learning to exercise, and knowing how to monitor your condition. Haylow Insurance, of Cedar Hill Texas, has the expertise and market knowledge you need in a health insurance advisor. Learn more by contacting us.
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