If a Tree Falls ... You're Covered: Another Benefit of Homeowners Insurance

Every time a big storm rolls through Texas, high winds and lightning are followed by trees falling. Of course, tree damage to roofs, garages and driveways inspires home owners to see if they are covered for the cost.

Fortunately, property damage caused by trees is covered by most homeowners insurance. Whether you owned the tree or not, damage to your property is covered. In addition, as long as there was damage, a portion of the tree removal and clean-up costs are covered, too. You will have to pay the deductible, even if your neighbor’s tree was responsible. If your insurance company can collect reimbursement from the neighbor’s property insurance, you may get a full or partial refund.

If a car, boat or trailer is hit in a driveway, look to your vehicle insurance instead of your homeowners policy. You should know that there is one limit involving trees and insurance: If the incident does not cause any direct property damage, you may have to pay for the cost of tree removal yourself. Check with your insurance provider, because an exception can be made if the tree blocks access to an entry ramp for people with disabilities.

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