The Power of Renters Insurance

Many renters don’t pursue renters insurance. Some believe the landlord’s coverage will protect them, but that is not the case. The landlord will have insurance on his structure, but not on your personal property. Others may believe that renters insurance is too expensive, which is also not true. Others may not realize the peace of mind and value they can get from renters insurance.

Renters insurance will protect the insured’s personal property in case of loss due to fire or other disaster, and it will cover your property in case of theft. Many don't realize that renters insurance may cover their property when they travel.

If you entertain, renters insurance can cover you for liability in case someone would get hurt. It may also cover you for damage to walls or doors.

Renters insurance is very affordable. It provides some terrific peace of mind, especially when you consider the cost of replacing today’s expensive electronic devices. You may even be eligible for discounts when bundling it with your auto insurance.

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