A Home Inventory How-To

When you have homeowners insurance, in order to receive compensation after a burglary or disaster you need to make sure your home inventory list is up to date for your insurance company.

Here's how to make sure your home inventory is complete:

· Take pictures, especially of things without a serial number like jewelry, artwork, etc.

· Make note of serial numbers and model numbers on things like computers, monitors, HDTVs, home entertainment equipment, etc.

· Also, other valuables such as guns and gold ingots have serial numbers as well. Make note of those too as that simplifies the location process.

· Keep receipts. They not only show proof-of-purchase for warranties but they also establish base value for your property.

According to statistics from the FBI, for most of the property listed above, less than 5% of it is ever recovered. This means having a thoroughly updated home inventory list as a part of your homeowners insurance is vital if you're to see any value from your property. Working with a great insurance company like Haylow Insurance in the Cedar Hill, Texas area helps assure you that you have the financial protection for your property you need.

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