Can't Get your Teen to Stop Texting and Driving? There's an App for That!

As parents we all know how dangerous texting and driving can be but that doesn't mean our teenagers do as well. So what can a concerned parent do? There's an App for That! Apps are becoming great tools that help you with everyday things from managing your to-do list to storing recipes and more. Now there is even a great app available to keep you and your teen from texting and driving called DriveMode. This revolutionary application lets you limit the function of your phone while in the car. The application features the ability to auto-reply to your incoming texts, emails and phone calls to let people know you're driving and will call or text them back later. How simple is that? The app will also silence incoming alert sounds when it is turned on to help you resist the urge to answer. Once you have arrived at your destination you can then turn the app off and your phone will function like normal. The DriveMode app is free and available in both the Android Market and blackberry app store. For more driving safety tips visit Haylow Insurance online, your choice for auto insurance in the DFW, TX area.
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