What Does Uninsured And Underinsured Mean To Me?

When you take a look at your auto insurance policy and bill, you may notice the words "uninsured motorist" and "underinsured" and an associated fee that you have to pay as a part of your insurance premium. Even though you may have a general idea of what that means, you may not truly understand what those terms really mean and why you are paying extra because of them. Here's a quick overview: Uninsured: This basically means that the driver has no insurance coverage at all. Either they've allowed their policy to expire or the person may have legal issues like a suspended license which means they aren't allowed to drive a car, let alone have insurance. It is illegal in most states for drivers to operate a car or truck without proper insurance coverage. Underinsured: While these motorists actually have some type of insurance coverage, the policies they have are minimal at best. This means in the event of an accident, their insurance coverage may be insufficient to cover the amount of damages done. This includes property damage as well as medical coverage for accident victims. Unfortunately, there are far too many uninsured and underinsured drivers on the road today. Regardless of the legal ramifications of not having insurance or not having enough, these people do drive and they do cause accidents. This puts the onus of their expense on those of us who do pay for adequate insurance. If you live in the Cedar Hill, Texas area, checking with a great insurance company like Haylow Insurance not only gives you the assurance that your auto policies are up to date and adequate, but also gives you the assurance that if you do have an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured driver that you are fiscally protected.
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