Ring in the New Year with a Well-Tended Home

When we make our New Year's resolutions, we often stick to our own person, but we are not the only thing in our lives we can change. A lot of our time is spent in the same places, namely our workplaces and our homes, and the more work we can do on these spaces, the easier we make our day-to-day lives. So, resolve to get your home in better order for the new year with these easy tips.

1 – Get rid of the paperweights.

A new year is a great time to rid what you don’t need from your space. Go from room to room. If you haven’t used it over the past year, you don’t need it.

2 – Clean up the clutter.

Once you’re down to what you need, make it as organized as possible. Store media in media cabinets and books on bookshelves. Make sure there is a place for everything.

3 – Designate chores.

Now that you’re clutter free, it’s time to keep the place clean as you go along. Instead of occasional cleaning sessions, make a schedule, assign everyone their tasks and keep things clean week-by-week.

4 – Go green.

Add some eco-friendly options to your home, like solar-powered charging stations. You’ll be good to the environment while saving on utility costs.

5 – Add security.

Security is peace of mind. If you are away from home frequently, install an alarm system that can be accessed through your laptop or tablet. At the beginning of a new year, you should also double-check the amount of your homeowners insurance to make sure you’re fully covered.

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